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‘Revolution’ Scoop: Will Neville and Jason Join the other Group?

Will Revolution’s Neville and Jason ever join up with the other group? –Dan
When I ran that Q by Elizabeth Mitchell, she didn’t indicate it would happen anytime soon. “Neville is on his own adventure right now, and its about to get really hot, which I really like,” she shared. Besides, with him fighting the Patriots on a different front, “For all intents and purposes, he’s our best hope right now.”

What Will Happen with Nora on ‘Revolution’?

Ack! Monroe has Nora. What’s going to happen on Revolution— Ben 
 Suffice it to say, Nora being in Monroe’s custody is not a good thing, but according to Daniella Alonso, she may use her plight to her advantage. “Even though she’s chained up and has a lot of guards on her, she does her best to try to kill him,” she says. And worry not, though we’ll see moments of weakness, Alonso assures us that there’s no way Nora will be turned to the militia’s side.

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