Billy Burke Discusses Season 2 and Things He’d Do to Monroe (Comic Con 2013 – Video Interview)

Comic Con Press 8 300x153 Billy Burke Discusses Season 2 and Things Hed Do to Monroe (Comic Con 2013   Video Interview)What happened in the tower, did happen, wasn’t a dream sequence.

Billy Burke is just a cool guy on and off screen and he was at Comic Con to tell us about the new season of Revolution.  When asked about Season 2, he told us “the characters are split up in different bunches and groups all over the place.”  He even joked by saying, “Miles and Monroe don’t have a chance to sleep together anymore.”  When asked about what would happen if Miles finds Monroe, we got “It’s a different kind of love. It goes beyond what people are giggling about. If you have a brother, it’s an unconditional love. So, what would I love to see happen…SEX…I don’t know.”

In other news, particularly love, “Miles finds himself hanging around trying to avoid the love and his feelings of one of the other characters in particular.”  Now who could that be? When asked if the last name was the same as his character, he murmured, “Could be.”  That narrows it down just one lucky lady.

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Now, you are probably wondering how Miles would be affected by Nora’s sudden death in the finale, but Burke says that Miles doesn’t talk about it in the first two episodes (not knowing what’s to come as that is all they’ve read).  Now will it ever be a topic of discussion in the second season?  Possible, but “he doesn’t want to be a victim. It’s not that he’s denying himself of it, it’s just unnecessary for his character.”

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Tracy Spiridakos Explains Charlie’s New Outlook & Season 2 Changes (Comic Con – Video Interview)

Comic Con Press 6 300x153 Tracy Spiridakos Explains Charlies New Outlook & Season 2 Changes (Comic Con   Video Interview)Tracy Spiridakos is a pleasure to see on the television screen, but even better to see in person. She just has that energy that makes you smile. Spiridakos answered some questions for us, but started by letting us know the new season starts off 3 months after the finale events of the first season.

She tells us, “there are a lot of hurt feelings and damage done between her and mother” hence her reason for sitting and going solo.

She goes on about her character and says, “in the beginning she was more about family and doing the right thing…so much happened so she doesn’t know where her morals lie. What decisions are right or wrong, so she emotionally shut down.” Will we see a tougher and stronger Charlie now that we did in the first season?

Watch the full interview below:

A last tidbit of information Tracy could give us was that the new season will have a “different feel and a different kick to it.” Are you ready?

Don’t miss the all new season of Revolution beginning at it’s new day and time, September 25th at 8pm on NBC.

David Lyons Tells Us About Journey for his Son & A New Tone for Season 2 (Comic Con – Video Interview)

Comic Con Press 7 300x153 David Lyons Tells Us About Journey for his Son & A New Tone for Season 2 (Comic Con   Video Interview)David Lyons plays General Monroe on the hit show ‘Revolution‘ and he starts out by telling us that Season 2 starts big. Not a bad way to start an interview.

We know that Monroe’s main focus right now is to search for his son which we found out he had close to the end of the first season. David told us that he hopes to find his son this season, but he couldn’t give us too much information as they have only filmed the first episode and read up to the second episode.

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“The tone of the show has changed. Feels more like a 10 o’clock show than it ever has.” He said, “it’s a lot more darker” and the “look of the characters” have changed.” The show is bringing humanity back to basics; getting “more into true post apocalyptic.

“The people in the tower will have changed from their experience in the tower…Monroe not being one of the them.” What changes? Who is affected? How will this impact the rest of the show?

If David had it his way we would want a Myles and Monroe confrontation sooner than you think (his speculation) and see their relationship will evolve, but will it involve death or saving?

Don’t miss the all new season of Revolution beginning at it’s new day and time, September 25th at 8pm on NBC.

NBC Announces ‘Revolution’ Schedule for Comic Con 2013

comic con 150x150 NBC Announces Revolution Schedule for Comic Con 2013NBC ANNOUNCES EXCITING PANEL LINEUP AT COMIC-CON, INCLUDING ‘THE BLACKLIST,’ ‘Hannibal,’ ‘COMMUNITY,’ ‘REVOLUTION’ AND ‘Grimm’

Network Talent Will Also Make Appearances During Highly Anticipated Global Gathering of TV Fans

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. — July 2, 2013 — NBC has announced plans for the upcoming Comic-Con International gathering in San Diego running from July 18-21.

Revolution” (Warner Bros. Television)
Day: Saturday, July 20
Who: Executive producer Eric Kripke and others to be determined
In its first season, “Revolution” examined why the Earth’s power was turned off and asked how the world’s citizens are expected to survive. In the season finale, the power is turned back on, but at what cost and consequence? The second season begins in the fall.

Jessica Collins Joins ‘Revolution’ Cast in 4 Episode Arc

Jessica Collins (Zero Dark Thirty, House M.D.) will recur on Revolution this fall.

Collins will appear in four episodes as Cynthia. Here’s the official description from Executive Producer Eric Kripke: “Cynthia is a beautiful young woman of deep faith, whose winning humor and blazing intelligence capture the heart of one of Revolution’s leading characters.

Source: EW

Tracy Spiridakos joins Matt LeBlanc in ‘Episodes’

The actress has landed a guest role on Showtime’s Matt LeBlanc comedy-drama, TVLine reports.

Spiridakos will appear in a season three episode as a relative of actress Morning Randolph (Mircea Monroe).

She is best known for playing Charlie Matheson on sci-fi drama Revolution, which returns to NBC this fall, airing in a new slot on Wednesdays at 8/7c.