What Will We Find Out About Captain Neville’s Past?

giancarlo esposito character bio 150x150 What Will We Find Out About Captain Nevilles Past?Thus far on NBC’s post-apocalyptic drama, which already has earned a full-season ride, the backstories of Ben Matheson’s brood – as well as his brother Miles and Sebastian Monroe – have been illuminated. But what about the militia’s Capt. Neville? Has he always been so fierce? “You’ll learn that he had a very different personality before,” Giancarlo Esposito tells us. “You’ll learn that he has a little bit of compassion.” What you won’t learn, though: that he once owned a fast-food franchise and meth superlab.

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Rachel Is Back in Episode 5 & We Find Out How She Got In Monroe’s Possession

Question: I’m glad to see Revolution doing well, but where did Elizabeth Mitchell vanish to so soon? She’s one of the main reasons I’m watching. –Jerry

Ausiello: Don’t worry, she didn’t get Lost — Rachel is seen again in Episode 5 (airing Oct. 15), in which Mitchell says “we learn quite a bit” about “the ins and outs of her leaving” her family. But it’s in Episode 7, she says, that “we find out 100 percent for sure” how it is that she wound up in Monroe’s possession.

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Who Will Be Deceased In Next Week’s Revolution?

If you’ve seen the preview for next week’s episode, then you should be worried that one of your favorite character’s may not make it to the end.  They’ve all survived 15 years after the blackout, but who will see the end of the light next week?

Some of you may already know based on previous spoilers and news, but for those who don’t, take a stab…I mean guess.

Who do you think dies in Episode 1x04 "The Plague Dogs?"

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Daniella Alonso (Nora) Talks About Her ‘Revolution’ Role, Filming & Season 1

Daniella Alonso 300x187 Daniella Alonso (Nora) Talks About Her Revolution Role, Filming & Season 1The latest brainchild of J.J. Abrams and one of NBC’s biggest breakout shows of the new TV season, Revolution, is only just heating up. Last night, Nora [Daniella Alonso] lead Miles [Billy Burke] and Charlie [Tracy Spiridakos] to the run-down rebel base and we learned a lot more about Miles’ secret past with the militia.

How did you land the role and what first drew you to your character?

The process for this was quick.  I auditioned for the show and the producers in LA, and within a few weeks I was living in Wilmington, NC. What I like about the role is how Nora functions in this chaotic world after the blackout. It leaves people thinking about her decisions and how maybe her moral compass may not be askew under the circumstances the characters face.

What’s the most challenging thing about playing Nora?

The most challenging thing so far in playing Nora, is that we get new information every episode so it’s tricky to navigate through scenes without knowing certain things about the character.  But it’s also great because I can pretty much go as far as my imagination can take me.

Obviously, anything with J.J. Abrams’ name attached to it gets a ton of buzz and this seems very different from your past roles. What’s it like working on a project like this?

Working on a project like this is incredible! Going to work everyday is such a blessing. They really have created a world in which our characters live and struggle. Every week is so different in so many ways! It really is a dream role!

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