Who Will Be Deceased In Next Week’s Revolution?

If you’ve seen the preview for next week’s episode, then you should be worried that one of your favorite character’s may not make it to the end.  They’ve all survived 15 years after the blackout, but who will see the end of the light next week?

Some of you may already know based on previous spoilers and news, but for those who don’t, take a stab…I mean guess.

Who do you think dies in Episode 1x04 "The Plague Dogs?"

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Daniella Alonso (Nora) Talks About Her ‘Revolution’ Role, Filming & Season 1

Daniella Alonso 300x187 Daniella Alonso (Nora) Talks About Her Revolution Role, Filming & Season 1The latest brainchild of J.J. Abrams and one of NBC’s biggest breakout shows of the new TV season, Revolution, is only just heating up. Last night, Nora [Daniella Alonso] lead Miles [Billy Burke] and Charlie [Tracy Spiridakos] to the run-down rebel base and we learned a lot more about Miles’ secret past with the militia.

How did you land the role and what first drew you to your character?

The process for this was quick.  I auditioned for the show and the producers in LA, and within a few weeks I was living in Wilmington, NC. What I like about the role is how Nora functions in this chaotic world after the blackout. It leaves people thinking about her decisions and how maybe her moral compass may not be askew under the circumstances the characters face.

What’s the most challenging thing about playing Nora?

The most challenging thing so far in playing Nora, is that we get new information every episode so it’s tricky to navigate through scenes without knowing certain things about the character.  But it’s also great because I can pretty much go as far as my imagination can take me.

Obviously, anything with J.J. Abrams’ name attached to it gets a ton of buzz and this seems very different from your past roles. What’s it like working on a project like this?

Working on a project like this is incredible! Going to work everyday is such a blessing. They really have created a world in which our characters live and struggle. Every week is so different in so many ways! It really is a dream role!

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Revolution Burning Questions: Secrets, Bombs and Marvin Gaye

Revolution Episode Still 1x03 No Quarter 012 300x199 Revolution Burning Questions: Secrets, Bombs and Marvin GayeTracy Spiridakos’ performance wasn’t the only thing to find its groove in Revolution‘s latest episode. “No Quarter” was the perfect balance of action, mystery and the cheesy one-liners I’ve now come to love and expect form the serialized mystery. But while some secrets were revealed, eight new questions were raised. [Warning: This story contains major spoilers. Read at your own risk!]

1.Can Mark Pellegrino do no wrong? Adding Mark Pellegrino as a guest star is pretty much a guarantee that I’m going to develop an obsession with the series (See: Lost, Supernatural, Dexter). And boy — the eviler Pellegrino is the better! This time around, he might not actually be playing the Devil, but his portrayal of evil militia commander Jeremy was more than sinister enough for my tastes. What can I say? I love a bad boy!

2.”Can you boil everything down to getting laid?” Short answer: yes. Though, for a moment I thought Nora (Daniella Alonso) was actually going to break stereotype and be motivated by something other than sex or love. Sadly, as quick as she was to snap on Miles (Billy Burke), Nora was just as quick to admit she had joined the rebels because of a guy. The twist? The “guy” was actually her miscarried son (talk about a Debbie Downer!). Nora then tells Charlie that if she’s ever to have a kid again she wants it born in the United States. It might just be me, but wanting an American-born child seems like a pretty flimsy reason to start a political revolution. If Jack Donaghey can get over it, why can’t Nora?

8. Who’s going to die? The promo for the next episode teases that one of our rebel gang won’t make it out alive. I’m crossing Charlie, Miles and Aaron off the list for narrative purposes and adding Danny to it out of personal hope (no one that pretty should die so soon). Will Maggie not live to see her kids again? Will Nora never get the chance to have her States-born son? Who do you think is going to die? Sound off in the comments!

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‘Revolution’ – Episode 1×03 “No Quarter” – Recap

We begin with Miles, Charlie, and Nora on their way to deliver a rifle to the rebels. Miles can’t believe Nora backs these rebels. Nora questions whether Miles is really just afraid to take on Monroe.

Flashback to 8 weeks after the blackout and Miles is trying to get back to his family in Chicago. Monroe, who was just another lowly military guy back then, insists that he is going with Miles.

Revolution Episode Still 1x03 No Quarter 006 300x199 Revolution   Episode 1x03 No Quarter   Recap

In the present, Miles and Nora arrive at the rebel “base,” which is just an abandoned restaurant (looks like a combination of TGI Fridays, Bennigan’s, and Houliahan’s… that’s the scariest sight yet on this show!). Miles introduces himself as “Stu Redmond” and says Charlie’s name is “Frannie.” The rebels are suffering. They ran into an ambush this morning and really took a beating. Miles says they need to leave soon because the militia could be coming.

As Miles predicted, the militia are questioning a captured rebel. Their leader is Mark Pellegrino who played “Jacob” on Lost. JJ Abrams has put several of his Lost alums on this show, like Elizabeth Mitchell. “Jacob” was the ultimate good guy. This time, Pellegrino is the exact opposite. He plays a torturous game of Russian Roulette with the captured rebel, trying to figure out where the rebel base is located. The captive gives up the base’s location, but Pellegrino kills him anyway. There are few characters of nuance on Revolution. Almost everyone is either pure of heart and good or just plain evil. Sigh, I guess they think the audience is too simplistic to handle anything more complicated than that.

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‘Revolution’ – Episode 1×05 “Soul Train” – Press Release


10/15/2012 (10:01PM – 11:00PM) (Monday) : MILES, CHARLIE AND COMPANY ARE ON THE VERGE OF REACHING DANNY – KIM RAVER (‘GREY’S ANATOMY’) AND JEFF FAHEY (‘LOST’) GUEST STAR – As the gang nears Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) and his men, their hopes of finding Danny (Graham Rogers) grow until a shocking discovery threatens to impede their efforts. Meanwhile, orders from Monroe (David Lyons) have upped the value of Danny’s life and Nora (Daniella Alonso) connects with a fellow Rebel.

Billy Burke, Tracy Spiridakos, Zak Orth, JD Pardo, Giancarlo Esposito, David Lyons, and Elizabeth Mitchell also star.