Wardrobes and Props From the Set of ‘Revolution’

NBC has given us some set photos of the wardrobes and props used for shooting ‘Revolution.’

‘Revolution’ Episode 1×05 Pictures From Set/Filming

Courtesy of a fan from a neighbor site, we get a glimpse of what the cast and crew are filming from Day 1 of Episode 1×05 which is directed by Jon Cassar.

Jeff Fahey Joins ‘Revolution’ Cast as Hutch

jeff fahey e1345560078637 Jeff Fahey Joins Revolution Cast as HutchAt any given point in the life of a J.J. Abrams’ productions, such as NBC’s new series Revolution, you can expect to see actors pop in who have worked on any number of Abrams’ other shows and chances are they will have appeared on Lost. It happens more often than not, and Revolution, though still very new to the Abrams family, will not be an exception. Not only does Elizabeth Mitchell have a starring role in the series, but the hairy chested Jeff Fahey has been tapped for a guest-starring role for the show’s first season. Out of all those who have appeared on Lost throughout the years, Fahey was more than a few viewers’ favorite; practically guaranteeing he will be well received.

Unfortunately, aside from knowing Fahey will be playing someone named Hutch in an early episode of the season, nothing else is known about this part. TVLine reported the casting, but failed to give up the goods. It is, however, a safe bet to say he will be playing a gruff voiced man, because that is what Fahey does best. He’s incredibly reliable when it comes to delivering that gruff sounding voice. And he’ll probably show off a bit of his hairy chest. Don’t look directly at it unless you want to feel completely emasculated.

The 10 Cities For ‘Revolution’ Advanced Screenings

A Revolution is coming next month to 10 U.S. cities, including Denver, Chicago and Philadelphia. NBC is set today to announce the top ten markets from its “Powered by the People” voting campaign on behalf of the network’s new J.J. Abrams/Eric Kripke drama.

Besides Denver, Chicago and Philadelphia, cities that will host screenings of the show’s pilot include New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Minneapolis and Boston.

The New York screening will take place on Tuesday, Sept. 4, on a Hudson River pier. As part of the promotion there, power to the pier will be shut off (a reference to the show’s central plot point, in which the world’s electricity disappears) — and 100 bicyclists (“power pedalers”) will manually generate power to support the screening’s projection and audio. The other cities’ screenings will take place on Thursday, Sept. 6.

‘Revolution’ Filming Bank Scenes in Wilmington

The upcoming NBC sci-fi series Revolution will be filming inside the office building located at 201 S. Front Street Tuesday.

Revolution Behind The Scenes Wilmingonton Revolution Filming Bank Scenes in Wilmington

According to film permits, the scenes will be set inside a bank and insurance office. They will also film characters peeking inside the old bank building from outside.

Five actors and five extras are expected to be involved in these scenes. Traffic should not be impacted by the filming.

Source: WECT.com

‘Revolution’ Will Need A Lot of Help To Survive on NBC

Adam Wright from TvDoneWright.com has given us a quick pilot recommendation (review) of ‘Revolution’ from what he’s seen. This is what he had to say:

Every year there’s one “high-concept” drama widely hyped. The words “The next LOST” is uttered every year, and it has been the death sentence of many shows. Flash Forward, Alcatraz, The Event, and Awake, just to name a few. This year’s high-concept drama widely hyped is the new J.J. Abrams series Revolution.

Imagine a day where all of sudden the power goes out. We would have no more electricity, cars, batteries, computers, technology, or anything that uses power. What could cause such black-out? That’s the premise of Revolution. 15 years after the black-out, people are living in a post-apocalyptic world. Of course, we throw in some rebel forces and warlords, we got ourselves some good action.

During the pilot, we’re introduced to the Matheson family. We’re also introduced by Captain Tom Neville, the leader of the rival militia who causes a whole lot of trouble. He’s played brilliantly by Breaking Bad’s Giancarlo Esposito.

The pilot alone reveals A LOT. We get a lot of action and mythology in just one hour. Did they give away too much? It’s too early to tell. But one thing Revolution does try to do is to suck you in right way during the first episode.

With the pedigree behind the show, and the interesting story developing, I highly recommend checking out Revolution. It keeps you interested and by the end of the episode it delivers one last twist leaving you wanting more.

This new drama will need a lot of help to survive though. NBC placed this high-concept (read:HIGH-RISK) drama in a timeslot vs. Castle and Hawaii-Five 0.