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‘Revolution’ Has Highest Premiere on Network TV in Years; 11.7 Million Viewers

NBC’s Revolution was televised — and more than 10 million people watched, setting a ratings record for the network.

The latest J.J. Abrams-produced thriller about a post-electrical future delivered 11.7 million viewers and a very strong 4.1 rating in the adult demographic at 10 p.m. Monday night. Moreover, the second week of The Voice unexpected rose in the ratings — up a healthy 10 percent to lead the evening with 13.4 million viewers and a 4.6 in the demo.

Though Revolution was down a bit from its Voice opening act, a 4.1 is a great number this time slot — particularly on NBC. According to the network, this is the biggest broadcast TV drama premiere in three years on any network (since ABC’s V in 2009) and the biggest drama premiere on NBC in five years (since Bionic Woman in 2007).

The only bummer: Revolution dropped from a 4.4 in its first half hour to a 3.8 in its second half, suggesting a fair chunk of viewers switched off midway through. Usually when that happens a show’s second episode average rating is down a bit. Still, NBC would happily give this show a full season order if it was steadily pulling a 2.4 rating in this slot. It’s got a lot of wiggle room here. Let’s hope Revolution can creatively pull off the next several episodes (we haven’t seen the second hour yet). And, of course, next week Revolution will face CBS’ Hawaii Five-0 (last night was a repeat) and ABC’s Castle — gulp.

Metered Market Ratings for ‘Revolution’, Solid Start

NBC 8.5/13
Fox 4.6/ 7
ABC 3.8/ 6
CBS 3.3/ 5
CW 0.5/ 1


-Percent Change from Year-Ago Evening – Tuesday 9/19/11
NBC: +136, Fox: +10, CW: -29, ABC and CBS: -69 each


The Voice (NBC), Revolution (NBC)

-Losers (excluding repeats):
The L.A. Complex (CW), The Mob Doctor (Fox)


Ratings Breakdown:
It was an easy metered market (overnight) victory for NBC, which populated the evening with two-hours of The Voice and the series-premiere of drama Revolution, which was amply sampled. The second series launch of the evening, drama The Mob Wife on second-place Fox, fared considerably worse out of the season-premiere of Bones. Keep in mind that the year-ago evening was the official start of the new TV season, which had featured all original programming on ABC and CBS (resulting in the dramatic year-to-year losses for both nets).

The Voice took top-rated overnight honors of the evening with an 8.8 rating/14 share from 8-10 p.m., peaking in the 9 p.m. hour with a 9.2/14. Comparably, that outdelivered two-hours of the season-premiere of year-ago time period occupant The Sing-Off (3.5/ 5) by a whopping 151 percent. And it offered solid lead-in support to Revolution, which won the 10 p.m. hour with a 7.9/13. Comparably, Revolution was 103 percent above the series-premiere of short-lived The Playboy Club one year earlier (3.9 on 9/19/11). And the loss in rating at 10:30 p.m. (8.2/13 to 7.5/13) was only nine percent. This is a stellar start for Revolution.

‘Revolution’ 1×01 “Pilot” – Episode Recap

Episode recap courtesy of Jason Evans @TVFilmTalk - Before I even start the plot recap, it is worth noting the Hollywood heavy hitters behind NBC’s new post-apocalyptic series “Revolution.” It was created and written by Eric Kripke, who created and ran “Supernatural.” Among the many Executive Producers is JJ Abrams of “Lost.” Some say “Revolution” might be a successor to “Lost” for fans wanting a show with a mysterious story line. “The Revolution” pilot was directed by Jon Favreau, one of the top directors in Hollywood who did both of the Iron Man films.

So, with all that pedigree, the potential is certainly there for something special… or at least watchable. Let’s see how it went.

(Note: I am doing a really detailed recap because there may be folks out there who missed the pilot and what to know what the show is about.)

NBC Revolution Promo Preview 1x01 013 ‘Revolution’ 1x01 Pilot   Episode Recap

We begin in Chicago in the home of a very typical family. The little boy and girl are watching cartoons. Mom, Elizabeth Mitchell of sci-fi staples “Lost” and “V,” is talking on the phone. Suddenly, Dad comes bursting through the front door. He has a big cartoon of supplies in his hands. “We need more water… we don’t have much time,” he says. She looks worried. “Ben,” she replies,” it’s happening, isn’t it?”

Cut to Ben’s brother, Miles, driving in a car at night with his buddy. Ben calls Miles’ cell phone and says, “Listen to me. It’s all going to turn off and it’s not going to come back on…” The phone call breaks up and Miles’ car starts shutting down. Ben is downloading something from his computer to a flash drive, the download just barely completes before EVERYTHING GOES DARK. By everything I mean lights, cars, phones, TVs, you name it. There is a great shot of the lights of cars on a highway slowly turning out. We then get a really chilling image as we see airplanes falling out of the sky and crashing to the ground in fireballs. Pull back to see the entire planet slowly go dark. The episode is less than 3 minutes over and I can already tell that Jon Favreau had a lot of fun directing this!

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Discussion Post & Poll: Revolution – “Pilot” (EP1x01)

episode 1 post Discussion Post & Poll: Revolution – “Pilot” (EP1x01)

This post will remain at the top of the site until the episode finishes. Scroll down for more news. Watch and then swing by here to rate the premiere episode of ‘Revolution‘. Spoilers are welcome in the comments.


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‘Revolution’ Episode 1×01 “Pilot” Press Release


09/17/2012 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) (Monday) : SEASON PREMIERE-AN EPIC ADVENTURE FROM J.J. ABRAMS, ERIC KRIPKE AND JON FAVREAU – What would you do without it all? In this epic adventure from J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions and “Supernatural’s” Eric Kripke, a family struggles to reunite in an American landscape void of electricity: a world of empty cities, local militias and heroic freedom fighters, where every single piece of technology — computers, planes, cars, phones, even lights — has mysteriously blacked out forever.

The series stars Billy Burke, Tracy Spiridakos, Graham Rogers, Anna Lise Phillips, Zak Orth, JD Pardo, Giancarlo Esposito, David Lyons, Maria Howell, Daniealla Alonso, Tim Guinee and Elizabeth Mitchell. Kripke, Abrams and Bryan Burk (“Lost,” “Star Trek”) serve as executive producers, and Jon Favreau (“Iron Man,” “Iron Man 2″) serves as co-executive producer. “Revolution” is produced by Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Bad Robot Productions, Kripke Enterprises and Warner Bros. Television. The pilot was directed by Favreau.

‘Revolution’ Is Solidly-Written – Pilot Review from Screen Spy

Check out Jennifer Griffin’s pilot review of ‘Revolution’ from ScreenSpy.com:

Overall, Revolution is an action-packed adventure which shows a lot of promise. The pilot is reminiscent of some classic TV and movies without falling into the trap of being derivative, and there are several surprises in the final moments that have the ability to take the story in several new directions over episodes to come.

There is the concern that as a futuristic dystopia, the show will need to continue to impress visually (weeds and rubble will only take an audience so far, after all). Additionally, we’re far from knowing what caused the blackout, or even why the show is called Revolution, but the solidly-written and easily identifiable characters, delightful future-world elements and galloping action sequences provide enough entertainment and distraction for us not to really care too much at this point.

20 New ‘Revolution’ Pilot (Episode 1×01) Stills

Check out the latest promotional stills for the first episode of ‘Revolution‘ provided by NBC.

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