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6 Burning Questions After Revolution’s “The Plague Dogs”

It’s hard to talk about “The Plague Dogs” without giving away any spoilers so read ahead for the 6 burning questions from Monday’s all-new Revolution. [Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Revolution's fourth episode]

revolution 1x04 screencap rachel 6 Burning Questions After Revolutions The Plague Dogs
Who do you trust? Aaron (Zak Orth) trusted Maggie (Anna Lise Philips) with the secret of the pendant, but why not Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) and Miles (Billy Burke)? Well, scratch that. Not trusting Miles is understandable — but Charlie? She’s a lot of things (pouty, naïve, nosy, etc.), but untrustworthy is not one of them. And now that he’s the only one that knows the secret, will he decide to share?

You didn’t feel that shift in the air? I’ve been complaining that we don’t know enough about Danny (Graham Rogers), but thankfully they changed all that tonight. Now we know that he’s a badass with bad lungs who — get this — can feel the weather! That’s all we get still? Really? While all of Revolution‘s characters continue to grow and change, Danny seems stuck in a rut. Can we get some personality on the side of that sexy?

The Truth About Rachel Rachel (Mitchell) claimed to be “going for supplies” when she was allegedly killed, but now we know what really happened. Rachel didn’t return to her family because she was captured by Monroe (David Lyons) — she never planned on returning! The mother-of-two abandoned her family and ran straight to Miles and the militia. What deal could the pair have made for her to leave Ben and the kids? And is Miles ever planning on telling Charlie the truth?

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‘Revolution’ – Episode 1×04 “The Plague Dogs” – Recap

Anyone worried about how long “Revolution” would last can rest easy at this point. This past week, NBC picked up the show for a full season. The assurance that the show will last at least a year may give the producers and writers the confidence to do some bold things with the story, as they don’t have to worry about week-to-week ratings quite as much as other new shows.

Of course, those week-to-week ratings have been really strong thus far so they probably were not worrying anyway. Also working in “Revolution’s” favor is what’s known as the Live+7 ratings. Those are ratings for shows with DVR viewing included. It turns out Revolution is the most watched show on TV in terms of people watching on DVRs in the days following its broadcast. The show adds almost 50% more viewers when “time-shifted” watchers are included. So, not only is “Revolution” kicking “Hawaii 5-0″ and “Castle’s” butts on Monday nights, it is doing a heck of a job from Tuesday-Sunday as well. Somewhere in Hollywood, NBC executives are sipping champagne and trying not to act giddy.

And, with that ratings report behind us, we go to episode number 4.

Revolution 1x04 The Plague Dogs Set 2 014 Revolution   Episode 1x04 The Plague Dogs   Recap

Previously on “Revolution” – The lights went out, cities and governments collapsed, and well-armed militias took over the world. We also found out that Uncle Miles was the founder of the Monroe Militia.

Tonight’s episode begins with Charlie running from a militia guard. Turns out it is just a trap as Miles jumps the guard and asks about Captain Neville, the guy who is holding Danny. Miles convinces the guard to talk by saying, “I’m Miles Matheson and all the stories you’ve head are true.” The guard looks worried and tells them that Capt. Neville is a day away.

Flashback time and we get to see Maggie talking to her kids over some kind of holographic Skype on steroids. Pretty cool technology!  She is telling them to go to sleep and the power goes out. It is the night of the big blackout and Maggie is never going to see her kids again.

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Discussion Post & Poll: Revolution – “The Plague Dogs” (EP1x04)

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This post will remain at the top of the site until the episode finishes. Scroll down for more news. Watch and then swing by here to rate the 4th episode of ‘Revolution‘. Spoilers are welcome in the comments.


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