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‘Revolution’ Rises and Stays Dominant in Ratings

Revolution delivered 8.8 million viewers and a 3.4 rating (last night for its 5th episode “Soul Train”), reversing its gradual downward-ebbing trend. That’s up 13 percent from last week and marks a three-week high for the show.

Revolution 1x05 Soul Train 010 300x199 Revolution Rises and Stays Dominant in RatingsRevolutions‘s powerful lead-in The Voice (12.8 million, 4.6) was perfectly steady with last week’s rating, so that didn’t boost it. Both of Revolution‘s 10 p.m. rivals — CBS’ Hawaii Five-0(8.4 million, 2.0), up 5 percent, and ABC’s Castle (10.9 million, 2.0), down 9 percent — aired original episodes, so there wasn’t softer competition last night. In fact, you could say there was more competition since Fox (which normally doesn’t program 10 p.m.) had baseball playoffs going late into primetime. So can we credit Revolution itself for this gain then? “I don’t know of any artificial reason for the increase, looks legitimate to me,” one network ratings analyst emailed.

Revolution was a big swing that many us thought would open to a sizable number, but we worried whether the J.J. Abrams-produced drama could sustain itself given the track record in recent years of other serialized high-concept sci-fi shows like The EventAlcatraz,FlashForward and VRevolution does, however, have one very important thing going for it: It’s better than those shows.

Also, NBC just put out an announcement: For the first time in 10 years, the network has won the first three weeks of the broadcast season in the adult demo. Moment of silence for this milestone … now back to Monday’s rundown.  EW.com

‘Revolution’ – Episode 1×05 “Soul Train” – Review

Last week proved Revolution isn’t afraid of hitting us where it hurts. Killing off Maggie was shocking, and revealing Rachel’s true allegiance was less so, but it packed a punch. This week the show continues to build tension without ever going overboard.

Revolution 1x05 Soul Train 019 300x199 Revolution   Episode 1x05 Soul Train   Review

Photo by: Brownie Harris/NBC

“Soul Train” starts off with what is becoming my favorite dynamic of the show: the relationship between Neville and Danny. The militia leader owes Danny a debt of gratitude after the captive saved his life, but of course he won’t recognize this. Whatever is happening here is deeper than just Neville leading the boy back to Monroe. Revolution may be about Charlie and Miles, but Danny definitely will play a major role as this series progresses. A compelling wrinkle to this aspect was Neville’s flashback. He was a complete pushover and fired the day of the blackout. He even warns his son (spoiler alert: who is Nate, the young militia boy tailing the group) while hitting a punching bag: “We only hit the bag, never people.” Guess the blackout changed that.

Neville continues to drive this episode when he meets Charlie. The friendly captain doesn’t know who she is, but he soon learns exactly who she is after she foolishly tails him. As big as the former America is, all of the main characters sure do bump into each other a lot. Sure, the good guys are tailing the bad guys, but is it really that easy?

Nora, the rebel/patriot, goes to a bookmaker looking for a “biography of Joe Biden”—a secret code that made me laugh. Hutch, the bookmaker, is enlisted by Nora to blow up a working train that’s headed for Philadelphia and Monroe’s headquarters. Of course there is an internal struggle among the group, as Danny will be on the train and will most likely die if the bomb goes off.

Everything plays out exactly as you think it would. This episode was the tale of close calls. Miles and Charlie get on the train with separate missions. Miles has to diffuse the bomb, and Charlie must find her brother. Miles’ task was a little unrealistic, but Charlie’s propelled the tension and added some intrigue to what will happen in the future.

Charlie is the heart of the show. She’s been put in a difficult situation and has navigated her way from a confused young lady to a strong, hardened woman ready to do anything. She’ll need to evolve more, but she is well on her way to becoming one of the strongest heroines on television.

‘Revolution’ – Episode 1×05 “Soul Train” – Recap

The episode begins with Capt. Neville engaged in an improvised boxing match with his men. He is whupping up on them and challenges Danny. Danny, surprisingly, gets in a good shot or two, but Neville ends up taking him out fairly easily. I wonder when Danny’s asthma is going to be a storyline again.

Flashback time and we get to see Capt. Neville in his past life as an insurance adjuster. He was too nice in granting a claim and his boss fires him. I suspect that life is better for Neville since the power went out.

Revolution 1x05 Soul Train 014 300x199 Revolution   Episode 1x05 Soul Train   Recap

Back to present day and Charlie Company has buried Maggie. Miles shows little sympathy. “It is just a body in the ground.” He wants to move on and catch up to Neville and Danny. As they walk through the woods… A whistle! Charlie does not know what it is, because she has never heard a steam whistle before, but it is a train.

Finally! A train! Electricity may be dead, but steam power lives!! For those of you who have not been reading the comments-section each week, plenty of fans who “love to hate” “Revolution” have been wondering why there were no steam powered engines on the show. I mean, it is not like the inner workings of a steam engine were lost when the power went out. There are many books that talk about it at length. So, why did it take Monroe and everyone else 15 years to build one? It makes no sense… but that is what we love about “Revolution”… I think.

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