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Revolution Intro: Behind the Scenes!

Andrew Kramer had the opportunity to work on the Intro and Title for a new Bad Robot show called Revolution by NBC. The show takes place 15 years after the power mysteriously goes out. The objective of the intro was to show the transformation of time passing in a stylistic time-lapse ways to help establish the world.  And although we were visualizing 15 years in only a few seconds, the reality is that we only had a few weeks to get it done! I thought I would highlight some challenging aspects of the project and share some insights with you.

The main title  was created in After Effects using Element 3D and some proprietary tools we are developing.  The majority of the work was manually animating masks to flicker each letter but also hinting at the word “EVOLUTION”. Since the title had a lot of glowing to it, I decided to use 32BPC to keep the glow intensities consistent and natural looking. There is also a bit of smoke from Action Essentials 2 behind the letters.

Using multiple copies of Element 3D, I placed growing plants all around this scene some even show ivy climbing the gas pumps.

revolution credits behind 3d 02 280 Revolution Intro: Behind the Scenes!

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On Set w/ Child Charlie and Danny Matheson (Pictures)

Check out these fun images of Morgan Hinkleman, MacEwen and Cameron Morrison who play Charlie and Danny Matheson from the past (in flashbacks). In some of these images you can see Elizabeth Mitchell and Tim Guinee as well who play their parents.

You can also see a quality shot of the 4 Matheson’s in this picture that appeared in Entertainment Weekly: ‘Revolution’ Flashback Episode Still of Elizabeth Mitchell & Tim Guinee

Photos courtesy of @the_door

On The Set of ‘Revolution’ – August 31, 2012

Check out these images taken by Wendy from the set of ‘Revolution‘ on August 31st.  The first picture includes a shot of Giancarlo Esposito who plays Captain Neville.