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Billy Burke Discusses Season 2 and Things He’d Do to Monroe (Comic Con 2013 – Video Interview)

Comic Con Press 8 300x153 Billy Burke Discusses Season 2 and Things Hed Do to Monroe (Comic Con 2013   Video Interview)What happened in the tower, did happen, wasn’t a dream sequence.

Billy Burke is just a cool guy on and off screen and he was at Comic Con to tell us about the new season of Revolution.  When asked about Season 2, he told us “the characters are split up in different bunches and groups all over the place.”  He even joked by saying, “Miles and Monroe don’t have a chance to sleep together anymore.”  When asked about what would happen if Miles finds Monroe, we got “It’s a different kind of love. It goes beyond what people are giggling about. If you have a brother, it’s an unconditional love. So, what would I love to see happen…SEX…I don’t know.”

In other news, particularly love, “Miles finds himself hanging around trying to avoid the love and his feelings of one of the other characters in particular.”  Now who could that be? When asked if the last name was the same as his character, he murmured, “Could be.”  That narrows it down just one lucky lady.

Watch the full interview below:

Now, you are probably wondering how Miles would be affected by Nora’s sudden death in the finale, but Burke says that Miles doesn’t talk about it in the first two episodes (not knowing what’s to come as that is all they’ve read).  Now will it ever be a topic of discussion in the second season?  Possible, but “he doesn’t want to be a victim. It’s not that he’s denying himself of it, it’s just unnecessary for his character.”

Don’t miss the all new season of Revolution beginning at it’s new day and time, September 25th at 8pm on NBC.

Billy Burke Talks About ‘Revolution’ Finale Episode

“Revolution” Season 1 comes to a close tonight and star Billy Burke says the episode, “The Dark Tower,” builds to a stunning climax.

Revolution 1x20 The Dark Tower 001 200x300 Billy Burke Talks About Revolution Finale Episode“Everything we’ve been fighting for comes into question,” Burke revealed during a conference call to promote the finale. “It all culminates in the event that’s about to take place in the tower. We all find out what we were fighting for all along may not be — physically or spiritually — what we thought we were fighting for.”

Burke calls the episode “a great way to not only cap off this season but bring us into the next.” But don’t expect him to give any hints about what might happen in Season 2. He says he’s completely in the dark: “I have not seen one line or one script from next season,” Burke says. “So I don’t have a clue what we’re going into.”

As for what else to expect from the finale, Burke promises more information about Randall will be revealed: “I can’t go into detail about it, but you’ll find out Randall’s M.O. in this last episode.” And both Randall and Tom Neville will continue to pursue their interests: “[Randall and Neville] individually have their own agendas and we will see those come to a head in the finale, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re [working] in tandem.”

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Tracy and Billy on Set, Filming Second Half of Season 1 (Pictures)

On the Revolution Facebook page, pictures were recently posted from the set including Tracy Spiridakos and Billy Burke recently filming scenes for the upcoming episodes.

Revolution’s Billy Burke on Miles’ ‘Brilliant’ Run-In With Monroe and Rachel’s Mysterious Backstory

Things get trippy in Monday’s Revolution (NBC, 10/9c) when Miles, Charlie & Co. have trouble figuring out what’s real and what’s fantasy. Their hallucinations will be accompanied by the music of legendary rockers Led Zeppelin, who granted the freshman hit the rights to use two songs – “Since I’ve Been Loving You” and “Kashmir” (which is also the episode’s title) – in the special installment.

Know what else rocks? With only two new hours left before the show takes a hiatus until March 25, Billy Burke tackled some of our burning questions.

Revolution 1x10 Nobodys Fault But Mine 001 300x200 Revolutions Billy Burke on Miles Brilliant Run In With Monroe and Rachels Mysterious BackstoryWHAT’S GOT THE GANG SEEING THINGS? | When the band of survivors finds itself in an incredibly disorienting situation, “We walk the line between what the characters know as reality and what might not be reality [and] what might be playing with their heads a little bit,” previews Burke. “It’s really cool.”

HOW DID MILES BECOME A MILITIA BADDIE? | “We’re going to start to see where it all came from and how it all happened. We actually haven’t gotten to any of those episodes, but I know they’re coming. But as this year comes to a close and we open next year with the second half of the season, from my understanding, we’re going to start to get heavy into that backstory.”

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