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Rachel Is Back in Episode 5 & We Find Out How She Got In Monroe’s Possession

Question: I’m glad to see Revolution doing well, but where did Elizabeth Mitchell vanish to so soon? She’s one of the main reasons I’m watching. –Jerry

Ausiello: Don’t worry, she didn’t get Lost — Rachel is seen again in Episode 5 (airing Oct. 15), in which Mitchell says “we learn quite a bit” about “the ins and outs of her leaving” her family. But it’s in Episode 7, she says, that “we find out 100 percent for sure” how it is that she wound up in Monroe’s possession.

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Rachel Matheson Will Do “Anything to Survive” & May “Turn Evil”

Julia in Atlanta: Loving the twist that Revolution’s Rachel is alive! What’s next for her?
ELIZABETH MITCHLL REVOLUTION RACHEL MATHESON HQ 150x150 Rachel Matheson Will Do Anything to Survive & May Turn EvilWe’re loving it, too! As fans saw at the end of last week’s episode, Charlie’s presumed-dead mama is actually being held captive by militia-man Monroe. And, according to Elizabeth Mitchell herself, upcoming episodes will find Rachel doing “anything to survive. The things she does will get you going. You’ll be like, ‘Noooooo!’ Honestly, every day I go to work and I’m like, ‘Don’t judge her.’” But wait—there’s more! “Right now, my poor character’s hiding half or maybe even 3/4 of who she is,” Mitchell tells us, “but there’s little glimmers of wicked in there. She may actually end up turning evil. I mean, she certainly has cause.” And what if Rachel does end up going down that dark path? Says Mitchell, “I’d be totally on board with that!”

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Elizabeth Mitchell Isn’t Hiding Secrets Anymore – What Has Been Revealed?

The following contains spoilers from this Monday’s episode of NBC’s Revolution.

In just its second episode, NBC’s Revolution this Monday night answered a huge question that was on many a fan’s mind: Why would you hire the always awesome Elizabeth Mitchell to appear only in flashbacks?

Answer: You don’t, because Charlie’s mother, Rachel Matheson, is in fact alive and well. Or at least alive, based on a reveal that capped Week 2 of the adventure drama.

And yet with that not-entirely-surprising twist comes new questions, such as: Where and for how long has Rachel been held captive? What does General Monroe (played by David Lyons) want with her? And what has she been doing to stay alive? Mitchell shared with TVLine a peek at some of those answers.

TVLINE | Welcome to the living! I’m so excited because it’s the first time I’ve been able to talk about it. I think I did 20 interviews [last week] and I wasn’t allowed to say once what was actually happening, and that kind of makes people a little frustrated, which I completely understand.

TVLINE | The reveal that Rachel is alive played out differently than what was in the original pilot (with Andrea Roth in the role). What can you say about the situation she’s in at Monroe’s camp? Well, Rachel is a hostage, and has been for four years. She has basically been kept to get information. I would imagine that at first it was the information as to where [her since-deceased husband] Ben is, then it slowly shifted to what does Ben know, which I think is really interesting.

TVLINE | They’re not keeping her hostage in the most uncomfortable of confines, though. It’s really palatial — this gorgeous, blue room with high ceilings and everything she could possibly want — but as we will find out, things are not what they seem. So, Rachel is not having a good time.

TVLINE | “…she said, ominously.” She’s having a very, very, very, very bad time. She gets beautiful silk shirts, she has delicious food delivered to her, there’s always brandy in her room…. It’s very civilized but beneath that it is absolutely decayed and rotten.

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