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A new ‘Revolution’ comes from sci-fi mogul J.J. Abrams

“There is an inherent evil to the wondrous technology that we embrace blindly,” says J.J. Abrams.

It’s a loaded observation that seems simultaneously quizzical, thrilled and circumspect. And it hints at the world view of Abrams, the alliteratively initialed writer-director-producer whose latest series, “Revolution,” airs 10 p.m. Mondays on NBC.

jjabrams 300x205 A new Revolution comes from sci fi mogul J.J. Abrams

Consider Abrams’ anecdote about a fax machine that demanded his attention when it went on the blink.

“For several minutes I was a slave to the machine,” he says, recalling how it displayed step-by-step directions for fixing it. “If an alien had come down and peeked in the window, it would have concluded, ‘Oh, this is a society in which little devices tell those bipedal creatures what to do.’”

The notion amuses him as much as gives him pause.

“We are in that place right now,” he declares. “We are as much in response to what this thing is telling us to do as it is to us. This is a balancing act, and I’m not sure which side has more weight.”

Such a tale helps explain why his new drama, “Revolution,” spoke to him as a series idea.

It was created by Eric Kripke (“Supernatural”). But it bears the imprint of Abrams, one of filmdom’s most inventive and recognized names, and his company, tellingly dubbed Bad Robot Productions.

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How Jon Favreau Teamed Up with J.J. Abrams for ‘Revolution’

Jon Favreau directed the pilot for Monday’s premiere of NBC’s “Revolution” (10 p.m.), a job that came about after the actor/director/producer struck up a friendship with J.J. Abrams (“Lost,” the new “Star Trek” movie series), whose company, Bad Robot, produces “Revolution” with Warner Bros. Television.

jon favreau jj abrams 300x214 How Jon Favreau Teamed Up with J.J. Abrams for RevolutionFavreau first met the TV auteur when Abrams was a guest star on Favreau’s 2001-05 IFC cable series “Dinner for Five,” where Favreau would swap stories with celebrities and filmmakers.

“I bought him a cup of coffee when I got the gig to direct ‘Iron Man,’” Favreau said. “He’d just done ‘Mission: Impossible III,’ so we talked about visual effects and technical stuff. He and I have both called each other. I wasn’t available last time he called, but this time he said, ‘["Revolution" creator] Eric [Kripke] is one of us, you’ve got to meet him.’ After that, it came together pretty easily.”

Favreau joined “Revolution” when it was in pre-production for a three-week pilot shoot in Atlanta. The series, now filming subsequent episodes in Wilmington, follows a young woman (Tracy Spiridakos) as she attempts to rescue her brother from a militia while solving the mystery of why all electronics ceased to work 15 years earlier.

“It was a fairly short process compared to making a Marvel super hero movie,” said Favreau, who directed the first two “Iron Man” films and acted this summer in “Iron Man 3,” which began filming May 23 at Wilmington’s EUE/Screen Gems Studios. It’s a coincidence that both “Revolution” and “Iron Man 3″ are produced locally, Favreau said.

While “Iron Man 3″ production has been delayed for about a month after star Robert Downey Jr. injured his ankle on set, secondary stunt film crews recently finished a stint filming at the Port of Wilmington.

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JJ Abrams Talks @ The Today Show – September 14th (Pictures + Video)

“It’s a great ‘what-if’ story, I think,” Abrams said during a Friday morning visit to TODAY. “It’s sort of a grand, romantic adventure, but it really asks the great what-if: ‘What if everything just went out? How would we survive?’ The show does a really cool thing. It jumps 15 years ahead to tell the story of where we would be. Over time, flashbacks we’ll get to see what went on in the interim.”

Pictures of J.J. arriving at The Today Show:

JJ Abrams Talks @ Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – September 14th (Pictures + Video)

J.J. shows Jimmy a special prop he received a long time ago and talks about his new show, “Revolution.” (Pictures below video)

Pictures of J.J. on Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon:

‘Revolution’ gives NBC a flicker of hope

NBC’s lineup needs some extra voltage. But can “Revolution”be the show that will give prime-time dramas a much-needed jolt?

Eric Kripke and JJ Abrams Revolution gives NBC a flicker of hope

Electricity-related puns aside, this costly, after-the-lights-go-out drama is probably NBC’s biggest bet this year, not to mention the most-anticipated new fall show, according to Facebook and Twitter data. “Revolution” is so key to the beleaguered network’s hopes that executives are plugging it into the high-visibility 10 p.m. Monday spot opposite a pair of popular-but-somewhat-vulnerable crime shows, CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0″ and ABC’s “Castle.”

“Everyone knows how frustrating it is to be in a blackout,” Eric Kripke, the show’s creator and a writer-producer best known for CW’s “Supernatural,” said in a recent interview. “I think everyone senses somewhere deep in their animal instinct that we’re overextended. We’re precariously balanced…. None of us knows how to find food and water if we need to.”

Abrams, who is an executive producer on “Revolution,” cannot guarantee a show’s success, of course. But his involvement doesn’t hurt.

He was the mastermind behind “Lost” and “Alias,” two influential TV dramas in recent years. “Lost,” a rambling desert-island fantasy that ended a six-season run on ABC in 2010, became the ur-text for serialized storytelling on TV, its plot an intricate (and, detractors would say, ultimately pointless) farrago of mysteries, red herrings and recurrent motifs.

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Does J.J. Abrams’ Revolution Have a Bright Future?

Eric Kripke, J.J. Abrams and Jon Favreau.

Yeah, we’re pretty sure those three names alone make NBC’s Revolution one of the most highly anticipated new shows of the season.

If the creator of Supernatural, the mastermind behind Lost, Felicity and Fringe, and the director of Iron Man aren’t enough to draw you in (but come on, they should be!), then the premise certainly should do the trick: What would happen if all technology suddenly just stopped working?

The first word that comes to mind about Revolution? Amibitious. We know post-apocalyptic futures are all the rage right now (Thanks, The Hunger Games!), but we like the unique twistRevolution puts on the drama, which is basically reverting people back to a time before technology, where warlords rule and militias rise.

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