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‘Revolution’ Dominates Ratings w/ It’s Fall Finale!

“The Voice” and the fall finale of “Revolution” helped NBC sweep Monday night among young viewers and hold off a late-charging CBS to win primetime overall.

After it’s slow downward fall of viewers and ratings, the fall finale brought in one of it’s highest of the season.  See the comparisons in our Revolution Episode Guide.

NBC’s last “Revolution” episode til March averaged 8.7 million viewers and won the hour with a 2.9 key demo rating.

Discussion Post & Poll: Revolution – “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” (EP1x10)

revolution posts 1x10 Discussion Post & Poll: Revolution – “Nobodys Fault But Mine” (EP1x10)

This post will remain at the top of the site until the episode finishes. Scroll down for more news. Watch and then swing by here to rate the 10th episode of ‘Revolution‘. Spoilers are welcome in the comments.


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A Major Cliffhanger, A Decision for Miles, and Monroe’s Plans Revealed in Monday’s Finale

Revolution‘s band of fighters have finally reached Philadelphia, but the City of Brotherly Love it ain’t. In fact, the survivors’ troubles are only beginning now that they’re in enemy territory.

Here, co-executive producer David Rambo previews Monday’s big midseason finale (NBC, 10/9c), which features an internal conflict for Miles, the reveal of Monroe’s plans and a possible mother/daughter reunion. The EP also teases what’s in store for the second half of Season 1 (hint: it involves travel), which kicks off on March 25.

TVLINE | What challenges lie ahead for Miles, Charlie and everyone now that they’re in Philadelphia?
Next week will be the first time that all the Mathesons are in the same city since the premiere. So there are lots of opportunities to see what could happen there. A big challenge for Miles is — [as] part of him revealed in the hallucination he had last [Monday] — if Monroe asked him to come back, he would like that. We are going to see Miles and Monroe come face-to-face, and Monroe is going to ask him to come back to the militia.

Revolution 1x10 Nobodys Fault But Mine 008 300x200 A Major Cliffhanger, A Decision for Miles, and Monroes Plans Revealed in Mondays FinaleTVLINE | How does that meeting compare with the one that we saw in this past episode?
(Granted, it was a hallucination.) [Laughs] Well, the hallucinations pretty much express Miles’ own internal needs and wants. Really it was from Miles’ heart, the hallucination. But Monroe really means it when he says, “I want you back. Come back.” We’ll see that next week. Of course, that’s a crisis for Miles.

TVLINE | Despite the fact that obviously something really horrible went down between them and Miles tried to assassinate Monroe, is there a feeling of brotherhood and love when they meet again?
A lot of that’s going to be revealed in [Monday's] episode…. It’s really the heart of the episode. I can tell you we really go pretty deeply into how the bond was formed, how far back in their lives it goes and the crisis that that presents in the present for them both when they come face-to-face. And there is an epic sword fight. I have to say that. It’s fantastic.

TVLINE | You mentioned a cliffhanger. Is it going to be like, “OMG, I cant believe that just happened!” or “What on earth will happen in the first minutes of March 25?!”?
I would say both. We’re going to be off the air for four months. We have to give people something to look forward to in March.

Read the rest of the interview @ TvLine.com

12 Pictures from ‘Revolution’ Episode 1×10 “Nobody’s Fault But Mine”

“Nobody’s Fault But Mine” airs Monday, November 26th on NBC.