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Tracy Spiridakos Explains Charlie’s New Outlook & Season 2 Changes (Comic Con – Video Interview)

Comic Con Press 6 300x153 Tracy Spiridakos Explains Charlies New Outlook & Season 2 Changes (Comic Con   Video Interview)Tracy Spiridakos is a pleasure to see on the television screen, but even better to see in person. She just has that energy that makes you smile. Spiridakos answered some questions for us, but started by letting us know the new season starts off 3 months after the finale events of the first season.

She tells us, “there are a lot of hurt feelings and damage done between her and mother” hence her reason for sitting and going solo.

She goes on about her character and says, “in the beginning she was more about family and doing the right thing…so much happened so she doesn’t know where her morals lie. What decisions are right or wrong, so she emotionally shut down.” Will we see a tougher and stronger Charlie now that we did in the first season?

Watch the full interview below:

A last tidbit of information Tracy could give us was that the new season will have a “different feel and a different kick to it.” Are you ready?

Don’t miss the all new season of Revolution beginning at it’s new day and time, September 25th at 8pm on NBC.

Next on ‘Revolution:’ Crazy Battles, Twists, and more Good Guys vs. Bad Guys

Well, as the creators explained at the Television Critics Association press tour, the second half of Revolution will indeed focus on, well, the revolution aspect of the show. And with that, says star Tracy Spiridakos, comes not only a faster-paced show but “a little bit of a crazy battle.” “There’s going to be good guys versus bad guys…and some twists and turns will happen pretty quickly,” she says. As far as what awaits Charlie in the second half, Spiridakos says we’ll continue to see her grow into “quite the warrior” but the actress wonders of the stresses of her current situation may start to sully her good girl image. “I’m interested to see whether she’s going to be able to hold on to her humanity or not in the process of it all.”

Source: EW.com