Why Did The Lights Go Out & Will The Power Ever Turn Back On?

Watch with Kristin answers our burning question of why the power went out.  The answer may be spoilerish, but check it out for yourself.

KT: I’m loving Revolution…although I have to keep fighting the urge to blurt out “Holy Cow! Check out Bella’s Dad totally kicking ass!” What are its chances for sticking around long enough for us to find out why the power went out?
We’re loving it too, KT, which is why it pleases us to share with you that Revolution has been kicking ass in the TV ratings just like its resident anti-hero Miles. Eric Kripke’s new show landed 9.3 million viewers and was number one in the very important adults 18-49 demo in its timeslot. As for the whole power sitch, we’re hearing the show is more interested in turning them back on, rather than finding out how they went out (which we will learn, by the way).